Take the time for a better you. Coachlight Journeys are experiential paths to relaxation and renewal. Combining the best of Naturopathica’s uniquely blended scrubs, a curative bath soaks and signature facials, each experience is a 120-minute journey designed to achieve deep restoration and rest.

All Coachlight Journeys listed are two-hours and priced at $295

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Meditation Journey

A calming body experience designed to ease stress with Naturopathica’s Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub, a warm Lavender Blossom Bath Soak, and an aromatic 60-minute customized spa facial.
120 minutes | $295

Purification Journey

Designed to boost circulation and aid in detoxification, this journey includes Naturopathica’s Espresso Mud Body Scrub, a warm Deep Forest Bath Soak and a 60-minute customized spa facial to balance the body.
120 minutes | $295

Revitalizing Journey

Developed to uplift and energize, this journey includes a Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrub, a warm Ginger Root Bath Soak and a 60-minute customized spa facial to invigorate and integrate the body and soul.
120 minutes | $295

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