What Are Chemical Peels?

Coachlight offers a wide variety of skin-renewing chemical peels. These treatments are great for removing dead, dull surface cells from damaged skin.

With just a short procedure, you can achieve long-lasting skin rejuvenation on your face, neck or chest. Our light peels have little or no downtime, while the moderate formulations cause skin peeling that lasts up to five days.

How Chemical Peels Can Work For You

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Chemical Peels can address the following concerns including:

  • Acne & Blemishes
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Sun Damage
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Tone & Texture

Chemical Peel Options

Please note — we block 60-minutes for a chemical peel so the provider can give appropriate time for any skincare consultation and post-care guidance. The actual duration of the chemical peel process is under 30-minutes and use of our spa amenities (sauna & steam room) prior to and post-treatment is not recommended. 

BioRePeel | 60 MINUTES | First session $359 and includes aftercare products | Following sessions $299
This innovative peel treatment uses a 2-phase technology that taps into the power of bio-stimulation, revitalization, and peeling substances to rejuvenate the skin. The BioRePeel addresses a myriad of skin concerns, ranging from acne and enlarged pores to signs of aging and uneven skin texture. This treatment delivers a strategic combination of active ingredients to stimulate skin cells, promote exfoliation, boost hydration, and enhance collagen production. The outcome is a revitalized complexion, reflecting the holistic wellness of your skin.

This 3-Step Peel from ZO Skin Health is our most aggressive peel, offering a blend of TCA, Salicylic and lactic acids to remove the outer layer of the epidermis.  This peel utilizes a 6% retinol crème complex and other agents to help reverse the signs of aging.  The chemical peel treatment enhances the skin’s natural DNA protection and boosts collagen for visible firming and wrinkle reduction.

The ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel is also known as the “Glow Peel.”  This is a great option to add-on with a MOXI or microneedling treatment.  This peel does not have a “peeling” effect however stimulates cell turnover providing even skin tone and decreased pigmentation while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Helps provide vibrant, radiant looking skin with minimal downtime. Brighten the overall appearance of skin, have a more uniform complexion and look more radiant after just one peel.

Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. See noticeable improvement after just one peel and compelling results after three to six peels. Appropriate for moderate to severe skin imperfections as determined by your provider.

Smooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness. Appropriate for mild skin imperfections as determined by your provider.

Chemical Peel Frequently Asked Questions

Our aestheticians can choose a peel that will help meet your cosmetic goals. We have peels from several different manufacturers in formulations to meet each patient’s needs, from mild to moderate.

Our chemical peels can treat:

  • acne
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • poor complexion
  • uneven skin texture
  • some visible scars

If you’re relatively young, you might choose a peel that helps reduce the signs and symptoms of acne. If you’re a little older, a chemical peel can help you treat age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

The process for applying a chemical peel is actually quite simple and often takes as little as 15 minutes. First, your skin will be carefully cleansed. Next, the chemical peel solution will be applied to your face. For some patients, treatment may also be done on the neck and chest.

The chemical solution will penetrate the skin and work for a short time before it is removed. If necessary, your aesthetician may recommend more than one chemical peel to provide satisfactory results.

We offer a variety of different peels to meet any skin type, budget and downtime for the patient. Our most popular chemical peels include treatments from SkinMedica, Revision Skincare, ZO Skin Health and the BioRePeel. Your provider will recommend the best treatment peel for you based on your skincare concerns and goals.

The skin will begin to flake and peel after your treatment. In a few days, the dead, dull skin cells on the surface will be gone and fresh skin is then revealed. After a light chemical peel, downtime and skin flaking is minimal.

Still, it’s important to follow the aesthetician’s post-treatment instructions. Remember to apply sun protection every day.

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Learn More About Chemical Peels

When you’re ready to learn more about chemical peels at Coachlight, please call 515.221.4905 during business hours to inquire about an appointment with one of our aesthetic team members. If you have a question about chemical peels, please send us an email using the online contact form.


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