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Are you unhappy with the way your abdomen looks even though you’ve gotten rid of excess fat around your midsection? A lot of people who have spent months dieting find that their midsection still looks a bit out of shape despite their best efforts.

This is because there are two essential aspects to an attractive abdomen. Minimal fat is one aspect, but you also need a good amount of muscle definition to have the tight and toned abdomen that you want.

At Coachlight, we can help you reach your body goals using EMSCULPT, a revolutionary piece of technology that can actually help you build muscle. The treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, and it requires no downtime.

Our practice is the first in Iowa to offer EMSCULPT treatment.

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How Does EMSCULPT Work at Coachlight?

The key to EMSCULPT’s muscle-building power lies in its use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology.

The energy generated by the HIFEM technology penetrates harmlessly through the tissues to target the abdominal muscles. The HIFEM energy stimulates the muscles and causes intense contractions. These contractions are stronger than any possible through voluntary contraction of the muscles.

Over the course of the treatment at Coachlight, the intense contractions trigger a remodeling in the internal structures of the abdominal muscles. This creates larger and stronger muscles with a noticeably higher degree of definition. The treatment also helps to burn off excess fat in the targeted area, which enhances the results.

EMSCULPT is FDA Cleared For Five Body Parts

EMSculpt® is the first body contouring treatment to truly define muscles on the body by simultaneously building muscle and burning fat. This treatment, which has worked wonders in toning the stomach and buttocks, is now available for treatment of your biceps, triceps and thighs for a full body-sculpting boost!

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Want a Better-Looking Butt? Try EMSCULPT!

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How Do I Know If EMSCULPT Is Right for Me?

EMSCULPT is an excellent treatment option for anyone who wants to get rid of excess fat around their abdomen and tighten and tone their abdominal muscles. If you are looking for a non-surgical alternative for a butt lift, you are also a good candidate for EMSCULPT. For the best possible results, it is best that you be at or near your ideal weight.

What Should I Expect?

At Coachlight, the EMSCULPT treatment is quick and virtually pain-free. It will take around 30 minutes to complete one treatment. Most patients will need six treatments spread out over two to three weeks. Maintenance treatments will be required at least quarterly in order to maintain the results provided.

You will start to feel results the same day as your treatment. It will take around two weeks to see visual results from the treatment, and these results will gradually improve over the coming 2 to 3 months. Keeping your muscles in shape by doing exercise that strengthens your core and your butt will help to prolong your results.

The highlights:

  • Each EMSculpt treatment induces 20,000 muscle contractions in a single session
  • 4-6 20 or 30-minute sessions are required for optimal results, spaced 2 to 3 days apart
  • The full effect of your treatment series will be visible in 2-4 weeks
  • Each series induces, on average, a 15-16% increase in muscle mass, a 19% reduction in fat in the abdomen and buttocks, and a 15% reduction in fat in the arms and thighs

Determine If You’re A Good Candidate for EMSCULPT

Complimentary EMSCULPT consultations are available at our West Des Moines location. A consultation determines if you’re a good candidate for the treatment and is the opportunity for you to learn more about the treatment, result expectations and pricing. See next available EMSCULPT consultation appointments and schedule conveniently online or call 515.221.4905 during business hours to schedule.

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