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Treat your skin to a relaxing, calming, renewing facial that is customized just for you. At Coachlight, you can sit back and relax as our aestheticians apply a skin-rejuvenating facial. All our Licensed Iowa Aestheticians will customize the facial treatment for you, so your skin feels cleaner, healthier and more relaxed.

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If you’re ready to undergo a customized facial at Coachlight, please call 515.221.4905 to inquire about an appointment. If you have a question about our customized facials, please email the Coachlight using our online contact form. To view our price list and full spa menu, click here.

A customized facial is a good starting point for a patient who hasn’t recently undergone a skin treatment. It works well as a skin maintenance treatment, or as a preparatory treatment for a chemical peel. The facial also gives our aesthetician an opportunity to evaluate your skin and make recommendations for better skin care. Our aesthetician can answer many of your skincare questions – from acne to aging – during your appointment, which will last up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Facials are customized by integrating different products, techniques and methods of relaxation, including:

  • Deep cleanse
  • Massage
  • Light exfoliation
  • Balancing mask
  • Hydrating eye treatment
  • Pharmaceutical-grade skin care products

We know you’ll feel great after one of our customized facials. Many patients return to Coachlight for monthly facial treatments. Consider adding this to your routine to help maintain healthy skin – so you look your best at any age.

Our Iowa Licensed Aestheticians will perform your customized facial. They all enjoy sitting down with patients to discuss medical-grade skin care products and clinical treatments.

Facials are designed to be mild and relaxing treatments. Therefore, they get mild results. If you want a more dramatic improvement, our aesthetician may recommend one of our many chemical peels. You can choose a light peel that has no downtime or a stronger peel that causes skin to peel for up to 5 days.

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Coachlight is known as a destination of beauty and wellness and Iowa’s top medical aesthetic provider, serving guests with Des Moines Plastic Surgery for over 15 years.

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