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Skin Authority believes that achieving radiant, healthy skin for a lifetime is a personal journey. By re-imagining proven technologies and leveraging the latest bio-technology into product design, Skin Authority’s Clean Skin Care approach delivers transformational results without the use of harmful parabens, dyes, added fragrances or animal testing.

One facial treatment per month is suggested to compound the results and see continued improvement.

Skin Authority facials are available exclusively at our West Des Moines spa location.

SkinAuthority Spa Facial Options

50 MINUTES | $150
A dynamic facial that resurfaces damaged skin cells to open pathways for the nourishing benefits of the powerful protein SGF-4 technology. This restores depleted cells to a more vibrant youthful condition. Collagen is stimulated, and fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and filled. The result is a smoother appearance with firmer and more toned skin tissue.

50 MINUTES | $150
This facial will resurface and remove dull, depleted skin layers while restoring hormonal balance to the skin with an infusion of topical Vitamin D. A marine-based mineral-rich mask refines skin tone, while nourishing Vitamins B5, C, D, and E protect and hydrate the skin, and Vitamin K naturally brightens dark circles around the eyes.

50 MINUTES | $150
This transforming facial creates a radiant glow by immediately improving complexion, tone, and texture with a deep cleansing sugar cane exfoliation followed by a brightening peel-off mask.  Receive a hydrating boost of topical antioxidants and matrix proteins for volume.  Your skin and lips will be infused with SkinSuit to protect against environmental aggressors that age the skin including UV, blue light, infrared radiation, pollution, and heat.

50 MINUTES | $150
By dissolving the source of acne breakouts with a sugar cane-based exfoliant, this facial says ‘goodbye’ to blackheads and congested skin, and ‘hello’ to healthy, even, clear skin. It includes a calming, healing medicated mask of eucalyptus and sulfur to reduce inflammation and redness, and to restore natural moisture balance. For both teens and adults.

Please request these add-ons when booking your treatment! Add-ons are also available during your experience, please let your provider know so they can accommodate you best.

Instant Eye Enhancement $40
Helps to tighten and firm the delicate skin tissue around the eyes, while smoothing lines and brightening tired, darkened skin.

Lip Soften and Plump Enhancement $40
Exfoliates and plumps the lips while softening and smoothing fine lines on the outer lip area.

Fit and Firm Beauty Infusion $45
Designed to give you the ultimate control in customizing your facial, these beauty infusions, chosen by your aesthetician just for you, use the power of key botanicals, natural actives, probiotics, and dry oils to restore brightness, clarity, and a youthful glow. A vitamin and mineral-rich mask is applied to further penetrate the infusions for firmer, more hydrated skin.

Enzyme Power Exfoliation $45
The brightening combo is perfect for congested skin and for dry skin; also great for wintertime. ZO exfoliating polish joins with an Activator that helps moisturize as well as exfoliate dead skin cells. The treatment accents the illuminating qualities of the exfoliator, which contains Vitamin C, by finishing with a brightening mask.

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