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S is for Specialty Products

Blue letter S arts and craft in gray backgroundJust like a snowflake, your skin is unique. With different skin types, tones and textures paired with your own desires for what you want your skin to ultimately look like, adding specialty products to your skin care regimen is vital for the most optimum results.

What skin care products are considered ‘specialty products’?

Most specialty products include products that will help one specific area of your face rather than improving the overall tone and texture of your skin or the rebuilding of collagen.

How many different specialty products do I need to add to my regimen?

The amount completely depends on the areas or ways you are wanting to improve your skin. For example, you may have a concern with dark circles under your eyes, but also wish your skin was a little brighter. You may want to try our Teamine Eye Repair for the dark circles and Lyterra Skin Brightening for a more youthful glow. We recommend using at least one specialty product in your skin care regimen.

How do I know what product to choose?

Our licensed aestheticians have years of experience in helping our clients determine what the best regimen for their unique needs. Give The Coachlight a call at 515.221.4905 to set up a complimentary skin consultation to help you choose the best specialty and other products from the GRASS Skin Regimen, or click here for more information on the different products we offer.

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