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Water, Water Everywhere!

HydraFacial™ is one of the most popular treatments being discussed in 2015. This non-invasive treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, hydrated and wanting to know when you can book your next treatment!

HydraFacial™ has 4 steps to achieve the deep cleanse your skin deserves:

Step One – Cleaning and Exfoliation. You will be amazed even after cleaning your face, how much is still left in your pores. This step will open your pores and sweep the dead skin cells away.

Step Two – Applying an acid peel. The result combines peel benefits with speed, comfort and little-to-no post-peel scaling.

Step Three – Extracting your pores. This is the best step of your HydraFacial because you can feel the “vortex suction” pulling the dirt and debris out of your pores allowing for a deep cleanse.

Step Four – Hydration. Our aesthetician Vortex-Fuse™ an antioxidant and collagen rich serum to promote elasticity and hydration. Most patients leave our office without makeup because of their glowing, dewy skin. However if you would like a touchup on your makeup we offer this as part of your treatment.

HydraFacial™ works for all skin types including fine line and wrinkles, dull skin, oily, congested or acne-prone skin, dry, flaky skin, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. See the benefits of immediate results with no downtime or discomfort.

Hydrafacial before and after photo by Coachlight Clinic & Spa in Des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa
Hydrafacial before and after photo by Coachlight Clinic & Spa in Des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa

Call our office today to purchase your first HydraFacial™ and receive your second for $129. Offer ends July 31st so don’t miss out!

Visit our website for more information or call us at 515.221.4905. We look forward to booking your HydraFacial™ today!

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