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When to Start Worrying about Anti-aging & Eyes

Woman checking her eyes and skin in the mirrorOne of the biggest questions we always receive is when should you start worrying about Anti-Aging and your eyes. Or most importantly, HOW? We have just a few tips of the trade that we live by at The Coachlight dealing with the delicate skin around your eyes and how your eyes (you know the windows to the soul) can help you look younger in just minutes every day.

1. Use an eye cream.
The skin around your eyes is so delicate and tends to lose elasticity the fastest as we age. It’s important to choose a product that contains retinols or peptides that can kick start collagen production. Once you can kick start collagen production it will help thicken the skin below the eyes helping to reduce the fine lines and appearance of dark circles under your eyes. For more information about the products we offer for eyes, please click here.

2. Plump up those lashes!
Did you know that your lashes may get thinner, shorter and lighter over time? When your lashes don’t appear long and full, it can make your eyes appear more tired, older and less vibrant. So, we have the perfect solution – Latisse! 78% of people who have used Latisse saw a significant increase in overall eyelash elements (fullness, length & darkness) compared to those to 18% who did not. For more information on Latisse, please click here.

3. Decrease those laugh lines around the eyes.
Of course laughter is the best medicine, but unfortunately all the smiling and laughing we need to be doing on a day to day basis can cause those little lines we like to call crow’s feet to form around our eyes. The best solution for those? Botox Cosmetic. Not only can people enjoy the more refreshed, relaxed look that Botox Cosmetic can give those lines around your eyes, but now it helps us look less stressed, tired and can actually IMPROVE the look of that smile. So, go ahead, burst out in those fits of uncontrollable giggles with girlfriends, with Botox Cosmetic, you’ll look even younger and more relaxed.

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