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Why is Fall the best time to get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal fall image posterHonestly, any time is a fantastic time for Laser Hair Removal, but here are the top 3 reasons why waiting until the Fall and Winter months are the PERFECT time for this fantastic procedure.

1. You’ll be baby smooth just in time for swimsuit season!

For the best results for Laser Hair Removal for any area, we recommend 6 treatments in order to catch the growth stages of the hair follicle. Each session will help reduce the hair growth 15 to 20%! We all know that hair grows at different rates so by the time your sixth treatment is done, you’ll be baby smooth just in time for summer!

2. Tanning interferes with any sort of Laser Treatment.

During the Fall & Winter months, you’re not out in the sun as much as you are in the summer. With any laser treatment, any sort of tan, sunburn or sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation and could possibly burn your skin.

3. It reduces shaving!

Let’s face it, this is one of the things we all wish we didn’t have to do. Since you’re wearing long pants and shirts during the Fall & Winter months, you can skip some days shaving because of the reduction in hair removal with each session. How great is that?

Plus, The Coachlight within Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ uses the LightSheer Duet which offers a revolutionizing approach to laser hair removal. We are the only business in Iowa who owns the LightSheer Duet Laser which is considered the Gold Standard in laser hair reduction. This laser is the only laser with a large head on it for doing removal on larger areas such as legs and back. It does not require slimy gels and we can do large areas in 75% less time than any other laser. Plus, our laser usually only requires 6 treatments. Most small to medium areas can be treated 20 minutes or less. Larger areas take 30 to 45 minutes.

To book your complimentary consultation for Laser Hair Removal, please call us at 515.221.4905 or click here for additional information as to why you should choose The Coachlight with Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ for your Laser Hair Removal procedure.

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