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Timing is Everything

When choosing the correct beauty or aesthetic procedure, timing is as important as the procedure or product itself. For example, laser treatments or even a chemical peel can be harmful to your skin if done too quickly after exposed to the sun. Here’s a couple other timing tips to help you understand when you should incorporate items or certain aesthetic procedures:

Female patient receiving facial treatmentWhen is the best time to….get a facial?

Honestly, one of the best times to get a facial is when you’re breaking out! If you’re slightly broken out with whiteheads, that is a telltale sign that bacteria is spreading through your pores and the extractions you can receive from one of our facials could prevent those whiteheads from becoming full-blown pimples.

If it’s too tricky to time your facials to your breakouts, a good rule of thumb is to schedule your facial with us a week before or the week during your period when skin is most sensitive.
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Retinol complex product imageWhen is the best time to….use your Retinol products.

Always, always, ALWAYS use your retinol products at night. Each of our licensed, professional aestheticians at The Coachlight will always tell you to use your retinol products at night. This is because retinol products contain Vitamin A and can make your skin more sensitive to the sun causing even further sun damage, which further reduces the efficacy of the product and can cause further sun damage.

If you’re not sure if one of your products contains retinol, check the label. Each of our products will direct you to use the product in the morning and at night, just in the morning or just at night. For best results, cleanse your skin, apply toner, your retinol product then finish up your night time skin regimen with a good moisturizer before nodding off. You’ll be so much happier with your results and feel better about the money spent on products that are working as they are intended for optimum results.

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